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Unrequited love for the Hose


Journey of a Hose

My bad memories of my father are represented in the faucet and hose.

The faucet and the hose are a symbol of my father. 

I have been on a journey to take pictures of strangers with this faucet and hose.

The project has been going on for nine years, since 2015,

and I have displayed these images of participants illustrated in their respective places.

By using these materials, I've been given a second chance to reframe the memories with my father. 

Thanks to all the participants. Thank you very much.


Endless Hose

- Selected Colors from Arao Industrial Estate -

endless yellow.jpg
endless pik.jpg
endless brwn.jpg
endless blue2.jpg
endless blue.jpg
endless green.jpg

My father is a type of person that is fond of splendour, therefore loves to act in a flamboyant manner.

One of his actions in order to gain attention consisted of furnishing a plot of land

- about a 50 metre walk from home - along the road of around 80 metres with flowers.

My chore was to water the flowers during summer. To carry out an extended watering hose from home,

and repeating the process every morning and evening - spending over an hour at a time - was a laborious task.

My recollections of the time have been etched into my memory as a penance.


Through these experiences, I have created works using hoses, which I have felt strong ties to.

In this work, I put my viewpoint on ‘The ability to extend and create ties’ ; both of which are characteristics of a hose.


The sequences of colours are chosen from a collection of snapshots of Arao Industrial State where my father' s

factory stands. Existing hoses that best resemble these colours are used.

Separate fragments of memories tied together by a common factor - my father - are used

as a subject matter recreated into this work.


By doing this, I have re-examined, repainted, and reconfirmed my recollections.

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