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I can't tell you, and only you.



“Until when?”

These are the words that have crossed my mind endlessly.

“Until when?” “Until when?” “Until when will it continue?”


At the age of thirteen, there was something I decided to guard as long as I live. 

I decided there is something I can't tell you, and only you. 

Because I have kept my vigil, I've been able to live this long, or at least, this is what I've felt.

But, the secret I carry is unbearable, and time has done nothing to lighten my load. I've tried distance, but that has not made a difference. One day, I came upon an idea that strongly convinced me to tell you, without telling you, and thought “I've found the way.”


I felt that once having made this work, my life as an artist could come to an end. 

After completion and exhibiting this work in Germany, I realized that 20% of my “Until when?” had been eliminated.

I still have to part ways with 80% of my burden, so my work must go on. 

But, having seeing that there is an end is a salvation.

I can live. I want to live.


This work was meant to be exhibited here in my native Kumamoto, in this museum by the sea. 

From the bottom of my heart, I'm grateful for the support and the opportunity to realize this exhibition.

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Tsunagi (4).jpg
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I can't tell you , and only you.

  2020 Tsunagi Museum



Was ich dir immer schon sagen wollte,

aber nur dir nicht sagen kann.


I can't tell you , and only you.

  2019 Batahien Room139 Berlin Germany


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