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Hanako Miyamoto



Born in Kumamoto.


Joshibi University of Art and Design,Private Women's School of Fine Arts Graduate


Completed the Master’s Course in Fine Arts at Joshibi Graduate School of Art and Design


Changed residence to Berlin, Germany


Launched motomoto Artist in Residence Space 

(Currently in trial operation)   




2012     - Goodbye, my dear. Solo exhibition

               (Sojo University Gallery, Kumamoto)
2013     -‘Things that Survived’

               (M50 Joshibi Art Gallery, Shanghai)
 - Yokuboubou -Lost the Ruler- Exhibition

                (Sojo University Gallery, Kumamoto)
2014        The end; is a beginning. Exhibition

                (Sojo University Gallery, Kumamoto)

2015       Someone Near and Far Exhibition

               (Sojo University Gallery, Kumamoto)

2016        Essays in Idleness Berlin

                (Bethanien Room 139 Berlin, Germany)

2019         Was ich dir immer schon sage wollte, aber nur

                 dir nicht sage kann - 

                I can't tell you, and only you.

               (Bethanien room 139 Berlin, Germany)  

2020       VOCA 2020 Exhibition 

               (the Ueno Royal Art  Museum, Tokyo)

2021        In Search of Origins, Group Exhibition

               ( Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto )

2022    KAWAKYU ART Exhibition 2022

                (Kawakyu Museum Shirahama)

                ARE WE HAPPY?

                (zenzai Marginal gallery Kagoshima)  


Awards / Recognition Received 

2005      Kumamoto Prefectural Art Exhibition -

              Effort Award

2015      Citizens’ Art Parade - Sueo Mizuma Award

              7th Annual Kobai Art Award Recipient

2016      Joshibi University of Art and Design Award

2019      Women's Art Berlin Award 

2020      VOCA Honorable Mention Award

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