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- A Gift From My Father -


It's not possible to get what you want.

You can't always have the relationships you wanted.


But even so, I still deeply care for you.

_EEE1537 のコピー.jpg

In order to sleep at night, I turn off the lights in the room; making it pitch-dark.

When I do that, I suddenly feel uneasy of the clock ticking away.


My father started working at a factory at sixteen.

First, he worked for a factory of asbestos products.

Asbestos is known to have an incubation period of 20 to 50 years.

My father, now seventy, still works at a factory.

It always seemed to me that my father was afraid of death. 


In the course of investigation, I came to realize that I myself,

who had been spending much time at the factory since I was 5,

have inhaled more than a certain amount of asbestos.

It is only when I began to dread the presence of asbestos -

ʻthe quiet time bombʼ - inside me that I understood my fatherʼ s fear of death.


When I go to sleep at night, I turn off all the lights.

The moment I do so, the ticking of the clock creeps into my mind.

Ever since I became aware of this bomb called asbestos, the passage of time has been

an unpleasant one. My father must be facing this unpleasantness too.


My father is fond of emerald green; it is a colour that signifies security and safety in the factory.

On the surface of the bomb, I depicted with utmost care the images of asbestos seen through

a microscope with this significant shade of emerald green.


I put into this work the anxiety, fear and tension that my father and I share in common.

_EEE1555 のコピー.jpg
_EEE1519 のコピー.jpg

Non melon -this is asbestos bomb - 

2010 Installation  

​Moutain-a mauntain of asbestos-

アスベストタイル2 爺の風呂.jpg

Mountain - a mountain of asbestos - ​

2013 Installation  

Asbestos- a gift from my father -

Many of those who have seen ʻAsbestos - a gift from my father -ʼ

have remarked on its resemblance to tiles.


When I hear the word


The first things that cross my mind are the tiles of my grandfatherʼ s house.

They are redolent of nostalgia and affection.

It occurred to me that the feelings are similar to that of when

I recall the mountain of asbestos products unable to be disposed of

at my familyʼ s rental factory.

From a certain point in time, my feelings for asbestos have evolved into these things.

Although asbestos is ominous, causing much adverse effects,

If you think tenderly of it, it may be so.


My intent was to convey the not so negative fragment within

the mountain of asbestos that remains unable to be disposed of.


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