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​I cannot enter and I cannot leave.​​​​​​​

hairenai only.jpg

I was thinking to enter my artwork in the Citizens' Art Parade Exhibition. 

The theme was “Japan – the way I view it, the way the world views it” 

Frankly speaking, my true feeling against the subject was “I don't know.”

The concept of “Japan” and “World” was so overwhelming that my thoughts came to a standstill.

I decided to create my works by not getting too close; not snuggling up.


My usual entrance is "Father".

Looking back at my childhood, to me, my father was my “Japan”

And he was also my “World”

What about now? 

Some aspects differ; however there are still areas that I haven't yet grown out of.  

There was a stray dog in the school playground. 

I named the dog Pochi and kept it ever since.

In the evening, I used to walk Pochi home while humming a tune. 

They are memories of unconditional serenity and delight. 

I can no longer fit into the doghouse – even if I tried. 

On the other hand, I cannot leave the comforting memories behind. 

As a grown woman, I now know that my father is not my “world.”

I am also aware that “Japan” does not equal to “father.” 

But still, there is a part of me that stays in place- unable to break away from these feelings once cultivated.


I cannot enter and I cannot leave.

 2015 Museum of Contemporary Art Kumamoto​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​ Installation

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