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If daddy died, I could love him more.


My feelings towards my father are

too complex to express.

It may have been easier

if he was a respectable being,

but things didnʼt turn out that way.

It doesnʼt mean I genuinely hate him.

Nor that I simply like him.


During my childhood,

I failed to develop a positive relationship

with my father.

I can never eliminate the awkwardness.

It seems rather impossible to do so.

I have been facing this subtle sentiment towards him,

and reestablishing them into artworks

in order to reconstruct my emotions.

In spite of all this, there is little change.

It seems impossible all the same.

(OR It still seems impossible)

However, when I imagine him passing away

in this situation, it is terrifying.

What would happen to the feelings

left behind that couldnʼt be mended?

If daddy died, I could love him more.

Hoping that this would be the case,

I rendered these thoughts into a casket.

In order for things to begin from the end.

titigasindara 2.jpg

If daddy died, I could love him more.

2014 Installation

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