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essays in idleness



What a strange, demented feeling it gives me 

When I realize I have spent whole days before this inkstone 

With nothing better to do, jotting down at random 

Nonsensical thoughts that have entered my head.


When I first moved to Germany,  

the first thing that attracted me  

was the color of the plants.  

Even after a two year stay, as things become habitual, 

the refreshing and light hues of the grass  

catch my attention frequently. 

I have loved toys ever since my youth.  

They have been my fancy ever since.  

I always end up looking for them... 

And they are always waiting for me. 

They just jump out at me.  

At that point, I've got no choice  

but to take them home. 

I can safely tell you that what I've collected the most in Berlin is not clothes nor books..  it's toys! 

They don't really have a purpose. 

Nor do I purchase them for a purpose. 

The scenery that passes and disappears as I ride on the train is nothing special. The wallpaper that comes into view on a daily basis is not something new. But their presence is part of my idleness.  

Without fail, one day, their existence will tightly bind my chest 

I've reconstructed these small found items into this piece. 


essays in idleness

2020 Bethanien Room 139 Berlin, Germany


徒然草 おもちゃ1.jpg

essays in idleness  - Berlin , Taiwan , Kumamoto -

 2020  Installation

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